Scenario 2: A Friend in Need

Julio managed to secure a good deal on some high end electronics while on Palique. He decided to head to Nexine where he thought he might get a good price. Warren spent some time looking for an engineer for the Avalon and eventually settled on Master Chief Dan Mulcahy. He was easily the most skilled of the candidates though short on references. After the situation with the first set of passengers Julio decided to institute more stringent screening and rules for the next trip. This scared off most of the high-end passengers who valued their privacy. Loaded up, the ship set off for Nexine.

The jump to Nexine was far from spot on and the Avalon arrived well over a days travel from the planet. Within two hours of arriving they picked up another ship the free trader ‘Bold Endeavour’ on sensors. Battalitor was suspicious at finding another ship so far out and spoke to Captain Lyssa Karn the captain who claimed they had just jumped in and were bound for Nexine as well. After a few hours travel the noticed the Endeavour drifting off course Battalitor requested an explanation. Karn assured him that nothing was wrong but when the bridge crew analysed her course they spotted a small cargo pod that had previously been missed on their scans. It looked to have been jettisoned by a passing ship as there was no other debris. Julio decided to leave the Endeavour to her prize and continue on to Palique. Not long after this the Avalon received a distress call from Captain Kevin Rand of the far trader ‘Beowulf’ indicating that they were being pursued by pirates and requesting assistance. Sensors showed that the Beowulf was being pursued by an unnamed Corsair-class raider which had almost closed to gun range. The planetary navy was contacted but they were some hours away and would be of no immediate assistance. Despite some misgivings Battalitor ordered the passengers to their quarters and sounded battle stations.

The battle was over swiftly. The Corsair disabled the Beowulf’s manoeuvre drive with a well-aimed shot, leaving her drifting. As the pirates moved to swallow the smaller ship the Avalon opened fire with its beam laser. Battalitor was accurate and deft manoeuvring by the Nelson as well as timely deployment of the sandcasters by the Master Chief negated the Corsair’s energy salvoes. In the space of a few minutes the Avalon had inflicted significant damage on the lightly armoured Corsair and it jumped out without its prize. Captain Rand was very grateful and the Avalon docked with the Beowulf, enabling the crew to effect emergency repairs. When the planetary defence ships arrived they escorted the traders into port and reported that three corsairs had jumped in to system simultaneously and wrought havoc on shipping. Once on planet Julio was able to get a good price for his electronics and picked up some valuable robotics equipment for a fraction of its real cost. Things were going well.



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