Scenario 3: Scar Tissue

While Julio was wheeling and dealing on Nexine and Mulcahy was seeing to routine maintenance Rashid and Warren were at a loose end. They rapidly exhausted the local sights and decided to look for some gainful employment. They were spotted in a bar in the spaceport by Alex Drake who recognised them and approached the pair. They caught up and Drake offered them a part in a job he was working on. His contact was Wayne Gross, a Paliquan agitator and activist. He was a part of the peaceful democratic protest movement on Palique and needed experienced security personnel as bodyguards for an upcoming media event.

Sanda Renn, the leader-in-exile of the movement, had arrived on Nexine to speak in the forum about the abuses going on in Palique under the rule of the imposed Dualan colonial government. She had been severely burned in a protest march in the early days of the protest after police opened fired on marchers and despite her personal wealth had refused to get her horrific injuries cosmetically treated. This had catapulted her to the fore of the movement and her public speaking skills had raised the profile of the agitators across the sector. James Teller, a high-profile journalist was also on Nexine and had agreed to do an interview with Sanda after her speech in the forum. Sanda was in a safe house in Nexine and while the local authorities had no problem with her giving her speech Gross was fairly sure that Paliquan or Dualan intelligence and military assets were on planet and possibly planning to grab Renn once she made her public appearance. The job was to plan the journey to and from the forum, get Renn to the interview with Teller and then get her safely to the shuttle that would take her off-planet to a waiting free trader. Nelson picked up a tail while out picking up weapons for the job. He managed to lose him. Alex investigated the local Paliquan embassy and noted that additional soldiers had recently arrived in from off-world. Evidence pointed to some or all being part of a black ops team.

Alex and Rashid worked on an entry and exit strategy – with their black-ops and intelligence backgrounds this was familiar territory. They met with Renn and organised three cars on different routes to try to split up any tails. Once at the forum Nelson recognised his pursuer in the crowd. They moved Renn in by a different entrance and got her in position. Drake managed to disable the agent with a stunner and took his comms device. He used this to send erroneous messages to the agent’s handler to disrupt the Paliquan’s efforts. Renn made her speech and the team moved her out after picking up the journalist and left in a car bound for a second safe-house where the interview could be conducted. On the way Alex received a message on his stolen phone offering a financial incentive to sell out Renn. He did not respond and dumped the device.

Once at the safe-house the interview was concluded successfully and the team got Renn into the car to bring her to her shuttle. They picked up a tail on the way but managed to lose it with some fancy driving by Drake. They met with the shuttle and Renn got off-world. Shortly after a van full of Paliquan agents arrived. There was a tense standoff briefly before the agents realised their target was gone and let the team leave. Wayne Gross arranged payment and thanked all three for their efforts.



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