Victor Van Janson

Former Imperial Army Sergeant, currently serving on the crew of the Avalon


Victor was born to a small mining outpost family in a habdome on Janson’s Rock, a relatively large metal-rich asteroid. ‘The Rock’ as it’s inhabitants call it, was staked as a claim over two hundred years before by Victor’s namesake, the now near mythical freebooter and explorer Gerald Van Janson.

Victor was reared in the small mining community and looked like following the family trade, learning a few of the skills required for the hazardous zero-G mining operations carried out on the rock. After a while though it became clear that the young man was bored and restless. He longed for excitement, to see far away and exotic places. Killing his boredom through drinking and gambling binges with the other miners wasn’t enough after a while and against his father’s wishes, he enlisted in the Imperial Army.

After a hellish time in boot camp and lengthy aptitude screening, Victor was assigned to the cavalry, the 84th Imperial Armoured Corps piloting G/Carrier grav-tanks. Victor excelled for a while, catching the eye of his superior Major Hutchinson who sponsored him for advanced training. Unfortunately, despite good physical and mental traits, Victor was washed out repeatedly, possibly due to interference by political enemies of Major Hutchinson’s and also due to a basic inability to fit in as a member of the privileged officer class after his rough upbringing in the mines. Despite these setbacks, Victor was promoted several times, rising to the rank of Sergeant by the age of 34 and serving in a number of low intensity warzones commanding a lance of G/Carriers.

Unfortunately, at this point things took a turn for the worse. Before he could apply for a commission, Victor became embroiled in a weapons smuggling scam being run by his corrupt CO. When the fraud was exposed, Victor effectively ruined his army career by testifying against his superior. Fortunately, he was able to obtain an honourable discharge and keep his benefits in the ensuing army whitewash, mainly thanks to help from Special Agent Alex Drake who was investigating the case. Victor left with a significant amount of debt due to use of age retarding drugs but he was also entitled by ancient Imperial Law to a few carefully selected pieces of military hardware as part of his discharge, which would prove useful in the future.

After leaving the IA, Victor had no trouble joining a freelance mercenary group using his experience and connections, and he traveled to the planet Cagaro, where he worked on a number of difficult specialist missions on behalf of Baron Julio Battalitor. He was able to put skills with explosives and heavy weaponry to good use during his time here, even meeting the Baron himself after a while and becoming part of his personal bodyguard detail. The Baron was in the run up to an attempt at a planetary coup, but just before the climax of the Baron’s play, Victor received an offer from a ‘privateer’ captain who was on planet making a weapons delivery.

Captain Azureus was looking for skilled muscle for what he euphemistically called ‘ship to ship operations’. The renumeration on offer squashed any moral qualms and judging that everything was well in hand under the Baron’s military commander and chief advisor General Lafayette, Victor took the offer and was aboard the corsair Ghengis for the next seven years, taking part in a number of daring raids on Imperial shipping. The pirate crew pulled off a particularly audacious heist when they commandeered an old Imperial naval vessel, the Furious Purpose on its way to the breakers yard and sold it on the black market.

It couldn’t last however and Victor’s discontent with the dregs and scum he was serving alongside grew despite the huge profits he was making. Things came to a head when Captain Azureus deliberately blew up an orbiting station with the crew still on board in order to prevent them from warning an inbound freighter of the corsair’s presence.

Suddenly forced to confront just how far he had fallen since leaving the army, Victor jumped ship at the first opportunity along with most of his ill gotten gains. Captain Azureus wasn’t willing to let him go so easily however. A firefight ensued during which Victor sustained serious injuries. He was still able to escape and hole up. Using his stash and some of his old mercenary contacts to get covert medical attention, Victor went to ground until he was healed up. Captain Azureus searched for as long as he dared before leaving the system ahead of possible inbound Imperial patrols. As a parting shot, the corsair Captain leaked Victor’s name along with some nuggets of information suggesting that he had been responsible for the Navy’s embarrassment two years before. The information was supplied to one Admiral Dzershozky. The Admiral had been forced to retire in disgrace following his loss of the Furious Purpose to the pirates. Bitter and vengeful, Dzershozky had vowed revenge on the man responsible for ruining his career and finally having a name, he began his pursuit in earnest.

Fortunately for Victor, Dzershozky no longer has the full might of the Navy to call on and is keeping his vengeance a private affair as a matter of honour. Less fortunately, the former Admiral is a man of considerable means as well as being possessed of many contacts within and outside the Naval Services. Victor became aware of the threat after surviving a number of clumsy attempts on his life and fled the system as a drifter, keeping moving in an attempt to stay ahead of assassins sent by Dzershozky.

In a recent turn of events, Victor was offered work by a slightly crazed seeming man who wanted one Alex Drake killed for reasons which seemed very odd at best. Although curious as to whether this might be the same Alex Drake who had helped him all those years ago, Victor had no intention of becoming a hitman for hire after his time with the pirates. Bluffing, Victor agreed and took half payment before travelling to the location given.

Recognising Drake, Victor greeted him and warned him that his life was in danger. By way of thanks, Drake took him to meet his current employer, the Captain of the Avalon. In a twist of fate, Victor was shocked to recognise the Captain as Baron Julio Battalitor whom he though had been installed as supreme ruler of Cagaro some years before. Julio explained about his betrayal at the hands of Lafayette and, knowing Victor’s usefulness with his background, offered employment under standard free trader terms. Needing to keep moving to avoid both Azureus and Dzershozky, Victor accepted and is currently serving as crew on the Avalon

Victor Van Janson

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