Colonel Rasheed Al Barani

A retired marine colonel and noble, now security chief on the Avalon


To those who meet him for the first time, Rasheed Al Barani is a bit of a surprise.

Like most people of his home world, New Gondwanaland, he is tall, burly, and blond.

He is named for his paternal grandfather, an imperial navy officer who retired on his wife’s home world rather than his own.


Rasheed enlisted with the Marine recruitment centre as soon as he reached the age of majority on New Gondwana. He excelled in training and was assigned to the Star Marines serving with the garrison of an Imperial spaceport. It was here that he met Captain Nelson. He was offered a commission after four years of flawless service and became a platoon commander. After a disastrous mission he blamed his superior officer and testified against him in a court martial. This helped rather than hindered his career and he also married a noblewoman (a dilettante and gambler) shortly afterwards. He rose swiftly through the ranks and was a front-line officer for 16 years. He received several decorations for service and valour including the MCUF. Rasheed was involved with a number of black operations and after one of these went awry he was stranded behind enemy lines. Though he made it back alive it was necessary for him to have been a civilian at the time of the incident so the paperwork for his retirement was swiftly drawn up. As part of his package he was ennobled, becoming a Knight of the Imperium.

He spent several years at court but struggled to find a place in noble society. His strong military background and relative political inexperience made him a target for a powerful conspiracy of nobles that attempted to recruit him. He was ultimately unwilling to join but learned too much in the process for the conspiracies’ liking. When an old navy buddy (Nelson) told him that he was going back into space on a free trader Rasheed asked to be considered for a position on board. Though this surprised Nelson given the Colonel’s lofty position he was happy to have such an experienced Marine in the crew and recommended him to Captain Battalitor.

Colonel Rasheed Al Barani

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