Captain Warren Nelson

A retired naval captain and former customs agent, now the pilot of the Avalon




born to upper middle-class parents Warren was expected to do great things when accepted to study at an Imperial Navy academy. Unfortunately he washed out in the first month. With few prospects he signed up to the draft and by chance ended up being assigned to the navy and receiving training as a pilot. He excelled, swiftly gained a commission and after heroic Action in the Battle of Howard’s Star found himself on the fast track to his own command– indeed he was commanding the same men and women who had been in his original academy class. It was around this time that he met Captain Battalitor’s sister Sonia (then a senior administrator) whom he eventually married. After nearly twenty years in the Navy however he found himself pushed out of his command position and retired. He still had allies within the service however and a former commanding officer recognised his usefulness and put him on retainer with the Navy. He has worked for the service since on a few occasions – often as a pilot for certain sensitive missions.

He signed up with a planetary customs enforcement agency and worked for several years as an investigator. In the course of his work he uncovered a dangerous secret and decided to move on before things caught up with him. After a few years working as a merchant Julio offered him a position as ship’s pilot in his new venture and Warren accepted.

Captain Warren Nelson

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