Alex Drake

A former special agent with Imperial intelligence turned thief, swindler and gun-for-hire


Alex Drake grew up on a space station and quickly began running with the wrong crowd. His talents and moral flexibility were spotted early and he was recruited into Imperial intelligence not long after leaving education. He was thrown in at the deep-end in a testing undercover operation in the criminal underworld. He was close to breaking the case wide open when he was arrested by local law enforcement and ended up spending some time in jail to keep his cover.

For the next ten years Drake was among the Imperium’s finest undercover operatives gaining several commendations for going above the call of duty and receiving advanced training in several fields. He worked in counter-espionage on several occasions and met Captain Nelson and Colonel Al Barani while engaged in an investigation into a suspected sabotage of a naval vessel by an enemy agent. He also met Sergeant Van Janson while working on a case involving the smuggling of Imperial armaments to insurgents. On his last operation he uncovered evidence that implicated one of his superiors. He brought it to another director who promptly buried it and Alex found himself out in the cold. He was discharged from the service and left to make his own way in the world.

The agency had taught him to lie, cheat and steal so he naturally drifted into a life of crime. He has pulled off several high-stakes, high-risk jobs (heists and con-jobs mainly) over the last few years, generally working alone. Several victims of these ops are out to get Drake but he is a difficult man to find.

Alex Drake

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